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zeus ea
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zeus ea
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  • Brand:外汇EA
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  • Sales time:2017-12-10
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Goods Brief:


ZEUS EA Intelligent Programmable Automatic Trading System:


EA is your own or someone's gold, foreign exchange trading strategy written in a special programming language (MQL) into a computer software program (Expert Advisor), so that the computer according to your pre-set conditions automatically 24 hours for your sale and transaction. Instead of focusing primarily on manual tracking and manual operations, traders on many large corporations on Wall Street in New York are constantly writing and perfecting their trading strategies and then compiling an automated trading system to get the computer to auto carried out.


EA is currently a milestone event in the financial investment industry in the gold and foreign exchange markets, where the future financial market is the world of programmatic trading.




EA intelligent robot trading system Description:


By senior technical R & D team through a multi-faceted research and development of financial data made from, integration of outstanding domestic and foreign experts in the culmination of 2017, Ruiying EA Intelligent Robot VIP1 release, and then the storm swaps! Many years of trading experience, years of experience in the handling of trades, the integration of the relevant technologies on the market, the joint formation of a set of "stable" "quasi" "ruthless" actual combat strategy, the system after repeated actual combat conclusion, the odds are large. Has the following advantages:


1. Merge the essence of the trading system of the profit system and use the validated trading strategy for the firm trading




2. To overcome the weaknesses in human nature, to avoid emotional operation




3. Order automatically, automatically adapt to price changes and trends


4. Computer 24-hour automated trading, without manual operation, to achieve 'lay money' mode


5. Strict risk management, no excessive trading



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